Choosing Between Vinyl And Wood Fencing

Many homes are built and sold without perimeter fences. This gives you and your neighbors the chance to add your own fence. A simple fence can add style and cohesion to the curb appeal of your home. Of course, style is not the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to residential fencing. You also need to consider what material will best suit your needs. Vinyl and wood are among the most popular materials for residential fencing. This article explains the main differences between vinyl and wood when they are used as fencing materials.

Vinyl Fences

When it comes to residential fencing, vinyl has recently become a very popular material. Is easy to see why it is so commonly used. First of all, it is waterproof, which is a huge factor with fencing. Your fence is down to get wet on a daily basis, whether it be some rain, dew, or the sprinklers. A material like vinyl is great in such conditions because the surface is impermeable.

Water, even if it sits on your fence for an extended period of time, will not be absorbed or soak into the vinyl. Importantly, you don't need to take any extra steps to maintain this waterproof quality. Vinyl, even if the protective paint layer scratches off somehow, is fully waterproof. It won't get waterlogged or warped, even if it sits in water for an extended period time.

Wooden Fences

Wood has obviously be used in fencing construction for much longer than vinyl. The classic style of a white picket fence is highly desirable. Of course, there are many different species of wood, and the most commonly used in fencing are water resistant a durable. That being said, a wooden fence requires much more maintenance than vinyl. It will need to be refinished every few years in order to protect and maintain its water-resistant qualities.

But, most people don't mind a little bit of maintenance. In reality, you only need to refinish your wood fence once or twice over the span of the decade. This gives you a chance to freshen up the style and change the color. Wood is definitely a better choice than vinyl if you are the type of homeowner who is constantly changing your style and color schemes.

All these materials are suitable for residential fencing, but one might bees more appropriate for your property. You should closely consider the maintenance requirements when making your final decision. Contact local fencing contractors for more information and assistance. 

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