The Culture And Taste Of The Caribbean Islands Without A Vacation

If you are a fan of all things Caribbean, but don't have the time nor the funds to take a trip down to the islands, then you should consider using a Caribbean online shopping service. These sites will allow you to choose authentic items that are normally only found in the islands, such as delicious foods, as well as items that are great examples of the Caribbean culture. So, if you are not planning a big vacation and want to get a sense of the islands anyway, here are some items to consider buying right now:

Calypso Music

One of the best ways to get a sense of the feel of the Caribbean atmosphere while still in your own city is to get some authentic calypso music. Some of the best local bands won't be found in major record retailers. Some of these tiny, local calypso bands only have exposure through indie labels that distribute through specificity shops that focus on Caribbean culture. You can get that music and then play it in your home and feel like you're down on vacation in one of the beautiful tropical islands of the Caribbean.

Rum Flavored Coconut Cakes

One of the best things to pick up down in the Caribbean is the food. Tourists love to take home jerk spices, as well as beautiful and delicious rum flavored coconut cakes. These are one of the unique desserts found on the island. They are tiny little cakes that are soaked with Caribbean rum. Sometimes the cakes will have coconut in the batter, while other times they might be plain vanilla cakes that are soaked with a coconut flavored rum. You don't have to miss out on these just because you won't be leaving your city. You can order these from the Caribbean online shopping sites and have them delivered right to your door. The cakes are super moist, so they are normally sealed in a plastic. This preserves the moisture and prevents the cakes from drying out.

A Quadrille Dress

If you're looking for something really interesting, then consider buying a quadrille dress. These are customarily worn as costumes during folk ceremonies and cultural events in the Caribbean. While some of the dresses worn in folk ceremonies are really ornate and more costume than dress, you can also get more subtle designs that could be worn out as a regular article of clothing.

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