How To Fix Jammed Slats On Window Shutters

Window shutters are designed to make a home look more stylish and beautiful. Unfortunately, the blind slats of these shutters can get jammed and unable to open. Thankfully, it is possible to manage this problem and avoid full shutter replacement.

Jammed Slats Are A Common Problem

The slats on window shutters are designed to open up and let in some sun light and air. Unfortunately, they can often get jammed for many reasons. Why do these slats get jammed? Often, the pins in the slat get old or stuck. Repairing this type of situation is actually easier than most homeowners would expect. In fact, most should be able to do it on their own.

Repairing window slats using the method described below makes it possible to restore a home's exterior beauty. As curb value is so important to the cost of a home, this is a great idea for those who plan on selling their home at some point.

Replacing Slats Carefully

Broken or stuck slats are relatively easy to fix. In one useful YouTube video, the process of repair is outlined following the simple steps below:

  • Snip the staple on the slat to make it easier to remove
  • Loosen the slat from the panel structure and take it down
  • Remove the old pins on both sides of the slat
  • Insert new pins into the panel holes
  • Push the slat into position on the pins

This process must be adjusted depending on the type of shutter used. For example, some larger rolling shutters may not be fixable using this technique. However, following similar repair methods to this one can help prevent the necessity of full shutter replacement.

Full Replacement Is Not Cost-Prohibitive

If these repairs do not help manage the shutter slat problem, installation may be necessary. Thankfully, the cost for full replacement is not too intense for most people. A typical shutter installation will vary depending on the size of the window. For example, a 15-inch by 63-inch window shutter can cost as little as $70 to replace. However, shutter replacement can also cost as much as $500 if you need custom sizing.

That said, it is still a worthwhile process if the shutters of the home continue to struggle. Failing to repair a shutter slat is a frustrating situation, but carefully managing this situation can make it easier to get the window decorations that homeowners deserve.

So if this problem impacts your home and you're lost for a way to fix it, don't hesitate to contact a company like Carefree Coverings. They can provide you with the guidance you need to create high-quality window shutters for your home.

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