Care Tips For Wood Blinds

Blinds can be indispensable in controlling the amount of light that will be able to enter your home. For those that want the interior of their homes to look the best they possibly can, it will be necessary to invest in high-quality blinds. When individuals opt for wood blinds, they will need to prevent the slats from suffering damage. 

Protect The Wood Blinds From Bleaching

Your blinds will be exposed to remarkably intense sunlight. The energy from this light interacts with the natural pigments in the wood, which can cause them to break down. As time progresses, your blinds may start to develop a dull appearance due to these effects. One of the most effective options for avoiding this damage is through the use of a window film that will block out the most intense wavelengths of light. These films can be either clear or tinted so that you can choose the right option for your home's needs. Also, you may apply a protective sealant or finish that will increase your blinds resistance to ultraviolet wavelengths of life.  

Minimize Scuffing Of The Wood

In addition to fading, your wood blinds may also be prone to scuffing. These scuffs can come from a number of different causes, such as the blinds rubbing against each other when they are opened or closed and dirt or other particles scratching the surface of the wood. Avoiding scuffing of your wood blinds will require you to apply a relatively thick finish to the wood. This finish will absorb most of these scratches so that the wood will be safe. When you notice that the finish is developing obvious scuff marks, you can simply refinish the blinds.

Clean The Blinds Every Couple Of Weeks

Homeowners may often go for a lengthy period of time before they think about their blinds. When this occurs, it can be easy to overlook the need to dust the blinds. Due to the positioning of the blinds, particles of dirt, dust, and pollen may gather on the blinds, which could lead to a person suffering allergy issues or other serious respiratory problems. Cleaning blinds may sound hard, but you can remove the majority of the dust from this part of your home by vacuuming the blinds. As you are vacuuming the blinds, you should avoid using an attachment that has bristles as this can cause substantial damage to the artifacts.

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