Novelty Gifts for a White Elephant Party

Exchanging gifts is a custom that dates back many years. Finding the perfect gift can be challenging, especially when the gift is for a white elephant party. White elephant gifts are supposed to be somewhat comical and impractical, so finding a cheap novelty gift that will wow party guests takes some thought and creativity.

If you need some inspiration when it comes to purchasing a novelty gift for your next white elephant party, here are three types of gifts that are sure to be big hits with party guests.

1. Unique Adhesive Bandages

It's inevitable that every person will stub a toe, cut a finger, or scratch a knee at some point during his or her lifetime. If you are looking for a white elephant gift that is both unique and practical, then investing in some adhesive bandages can be beneficial.

Healing from a small wound will be a lot easier when your gift recipient has a bandage with an Internet meme or clever quote printed on its surface. Since adhesive bandages are affordable, you can ensure you will impress party guests without breaking the bank.

2. Flavored Toothpaste

Brushing one's teeth morning and night is a routine that can be made a little more exciting with the use of a flavored toothpaste. This novelty gift has a practical use, but it can elicit a chuckle from party guests when you purchase the right flavor.

Opt for a deliciously-flavored toothpaste like cupcake or cotton candy, or go for a more unique taste by investing in an adults-only tequila or pina colada flavored toothpaste. A small financial investment in a flavored toothpaste will provide you with the perfect novelty gift for your next white elephant party.

3. Interesting Combination Lock

The average person has many uses for a combination lock throughout the day. Whether someone needs to secure the bicycle they commute to work on, or lock up their belongings while working out at the gym, a unique combination lock can be a fun and practical white elephant gift.

Look for a combination lock that features a locking mechanism activated by letters that form a work rather than a numerical sequence, or try to find a lock that resembles a Las Vegas slot machine by requiring the user to successfully input a number of images in the right order. These combination locks will lend a lighter side to securing one's belongings.

Bringing the perfect present to a white elephant party is simple when you opt to invest in a novelty gift like unique adhesive bandages, flavored toothpaste, or an interesting combination lock.

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