4 Ways To Distinguish Your New Bath And Body Care Brand

The bath and body care market is a large and diverse market, and one that's relatively inexpensive to enter. Distinguishing a new bath and body care brand from current ones, however, can be challenging. If you're looking to start up a new bath and body care company, here are some ways you can make your brand stand out.

Focus on Traceability

Traceability refers to the ability to trace an item's or ingredient from back to its original source. Many specialty coffee and high-end tea companies have built brands around this concept, focusing on Fair Trade and direct trade offerings.

A bath and body care brand could also make traceability one of its focal points. It may not be possible to trace all of the ingredients used in a soap, shampoo or lotion back to their original sources, but some are likely traceable. Even if you have to pay a little more for one or two ingredients that are obtained via Fair Trade, direct trade or a comparable arrangement, being able to connect consumers with the producers who created the ingredients in products could help you sell your bath and body care line.

Repurpose Foods

Many foods and beverages found in the kitchen can also be used in bath and body care products. Coffee scrubs, tea-scented soaps and sugar scrubs all use everyday ingredients found in most kitchens.

You may be able to build an entire brand around kitchen-inspired bath and body care products. Not only are many of these ingredients inexpensive, but they'll make your products distinct from others on the market.

Tap into Fandoms

Fans of stories will often spend a lot on products that are inspired by their favorite tales and characters, regardless of what those products are. Tapping into this opportunity and creating products based around fandoms may both help you distinguish your brand and increase your typical markup.

Using recent works might not be an option, unless you're willing to purchase a license to use copyrighted images and texts. Works in the public domain, however, aren't subject to these restrictions. As Stanford University Libraries explains, people don't have to ask for permission before using public domain works.

Offer Customized Products

People will also pay a premium in order to customize products they purchase. For example, they might want particular scents or names for products.

If you're able to, offering customizable products will let your customers create truly unique bath and body care products. It will also let you charge a lot more than you could for non-customized items.

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